The 2014-2015 editorial staff
The 2014-2015 editorial staff

Editor’s note: At the time of publication, we were unable to receive more information before we had to send the paper to our printer. Because of that, we printed that students were not consulted about the changes and that Forester Bucks are unable to be used in the bookstore. We learned that this is not true. We apologize for the error.

During the new student registration weekend April 24 and 25, the university unveiled the new meal plan options. They consist of four choices with a designated amount of swipes per week. Currently, students on some plans have a set amount of swipes for the semester. The new plan also includes Forester Bucks – for off campus and on campus spending – along with Flex Dollars – only for on campus spending.

Let’s ignore the fact that new students were told about the changes before current students were. Ignore the fact that the registration weekend volunteers were clueless when their new freshmen asked them questions about the meal plans.

Instead, let’s focus on how pointless the change is.

For starters, the plan places severe restrictions on students. For example, student teachers often have different spring breaks than the university. What happens when they miss a week at HU because of their schools’ spring break? That is two weeks of wasted meal swipes – 30 non-refundable swipes if they are on plan B.

Another issue is certain new meal plans do not allow students to swipe for others. What happens when our parents visit? Do they then have to pay $11 for a meal because they’re on meal plan A?

The new Forester Bucks are also unnecessary. You cannot use them at the bookstore, which is one thing students actually want. This has been an issue all year, but the university decided to create two currencies instead of establishing more spending options for one currency.

The new meal plans do not actually benefit students. The university needs to start listening to and communicating with the students, not working on new changes behind closed doors with hardly any student input or knowledge.

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