The full cast of HUTC's "Romeo and Juliet." (Photo provided)
The full cast of HUTC’s “Romeo and Juliet” poses on set in their punk-rock apparel. (Photo provided)

I first went in to the theater with the mindset of watching the classic love story and tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet.” Much to my joy, this performance was exactly that and then some.

The show opens in a classroom setting where the professor, played by Jack Heller, Ph.D., struggles to grasp and hold the attention of his class as they learn about Shakespeare.

The classroom breaks away into a high-energy club scene, taking full control of the audience’s attention. The punk-rock/Victorian clothing design helped evolve this classic story into a more modern one. To heighten this, the use of Twitter and other social media platforms showcased the classic story in a more modern setting.

Although the main scaffolding remained throughout the show with minor altercations for each setting, I was impressed with the sets. The use of lighting and flat screen televisions pulled the audience in, creating a true feeling of immersion into this world.

One can tell and appreciate the hard work and time the actors put into the show. Lines were delivered with much emotion and character, leaving some audience members crying. I was personally impressed with sophomore Sam Jones, who played the humorous and lively character of Mercutio. Jones delivered his lines flawlessly while selling the true humor and joy that is Mercutio.

I can honestly say the university’s performance of “Romeo and Juliet” was worth my time and money. It was a fun twist on a Shakespearian classic that held my attention from the opening scene to the curtain call.

Congratulations to the cast and crew on a job well done.

3.5 stars

Cody Melin is a sophomore broadcast fusion media major. The review reflects the opinion of the writer only.