Academic Research Forum successfully showcases variety of topics

This year's Academic Research Forum covered a variety of topics ranging from sexism to child abuse training. Students were given the opportunity to interact the presenters and receive a core chapel credit.

Students presented on various research topics including The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, sexism and child abuse training during this year’s Academic Research Forum at the Dowden Sciene Hall April 15 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. During the event, students were provided opportunities to present and listen to their peers as well as receive a core chapel credit.

Classes were moved up two hours to accommodate this year’s Academic Research Forum.

The Academic Research Forum, organized by Student Senate, became an annual event showcasing a variety of research papers.  Speakers present their findings on their research topics through a speech and with the aid of power-points.

Presenters were assigned to specific rooms in the science hall. Students, faculty members and visitors were encouraged to move between rooms and listen to topics they found interesting.

A member from Alpha Chi introduced each presenter and their topic before each presentation. Each presenter was given a 30-minute slot to present and open the floor to questions.

Students were expected to sit through at least three presentations in order to receive chapel credit. After each presentation, students’ printed programs were signed by a Student Senator.

Students said they found some of the presentations engaging.

“My overall experience was a good one,” said senior Ja’Shon Burks. “It was very informational and interesting to see everyone’s different work. I really liked the variety of presentations that each of the students gave. Each session that you went to would give insight and unknown knowledge about the topic or situation that you most likely didn’t know about before.”

Senior Ye Ri Lee agreed.

“They were great,” she said. “I wish I could have gone to lots more.”

Some presentations, however, confused students and said they would have preferred a different approach on certain topics.

“I did not enjoy some of the topics that were presented during the forum,” Burks said. “I really didn’t understand what they had to do with some of the presentations, and I didn’t feel some of them were actually useful for certain areas of study. … Some of the speakers did seem as if they were just presenting on information that they weren’t really comfortable with. Overall, I really thought that all of the speakers did well.”

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