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PREVIEW: Forester radio and SAB to host Battle of the Bands

In an attempt to provide students more opportunities to participate on campus, Forester Radio and SAB wil be hosting Battle of the Bands at Norm's Place. The event is a competition between campus-based bands and soloists for a chance at a studio recording and play on Forster Radio's station.

(Photo provided)Forester Radio and Student Activities Board will host the first-ever Battle of The Bands at Norm’s Place April 26 at 7:00 p.m. The music contest aims to find the best original song and will feature four groups and four solo artists.

“The idea was originated when the Forester Radio team sat around a table and discussed ways that the campus radio station and the HU student body could get engaged with one another,” sophomore Kaleb Schlatter, event coordinator said. “When the idea was brought up, the team thought it would be a great idea to get students involved and help them recognize Forester Radio to be ‘their’ radio station, not just music and microphones that hide in the MCA.”

Three bands and two solo artists have signed up so far. Sophomore Sam Jones, event coordinator, said if there aren’t enough qualifiers, however, the event will either be pushed or canceled.

All participants are selected through an audition process. In addition, song choice requirements must include Christian elements or address difficult topics from a Christian perspective.

Jones said they are currently working on a panel of judges to give constructive feedback to the artists.

“We are hoping to get people from the music department, as well as professors, too,” he said. “And we will get someone from Forester Radio and SAB as well, just to show the students’ aspect of it.”

Jones said one purpose of the event is to grant more students an opportunity to participate.

“We want to showcase the talents of artist here at HU,” Jones said. “And we thought we would team up with SAB in order to create a better atmosphere for students.”

When asked about the audition process, Schlatter said it gave him chills.

“When I heard about some of the groups or individuals who had sent in video auditions, my excitement increased substantially,” Schlatter said. “This event will serve as a prime opportunity to get their name out and display their talents.”

The winner of each category will have their songs recorded and played on Forester Radio. A $25 gift card will be awarded to the top solo artist and a $50 gift card to the group winner.

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