Students begin ‘Clear Insights’ business on campus

(photo provided)
(photo provided)

Juniors Tyson Kalischuk and Amy Hetrick are directors of Clear Insights, a student-led business through the university.

Clear Insights began in November 2014, when the business department won a $1 million dollar lily endowment, creating the fast-forward program. The business was created to benefit students and help local businesses and organizations.

The Clear Insights team consists of Kalischuk as managing director and Hetrick as marketing director. The students were chosen by the business professors from several other students who applied for the job.

Troy Irick, assistant professor of business, and Ann McPherren, Ph.D., professor of business and economics, are the advisors on the team. The business’ main goal is to help students gain experience.

“Pretty much the goal of Clear Insights is to give those students practical work experience,” Hetrick said. “Using the principles that we’ve learned here in school to give them experience and also some compensation.”

Hetrick said that most, if not all projects, will give students pay.

“Why not give them a job on campus where they can use their skills that they want to use in the future?” she said.

The clients of Clear Insights vary from organizations to businesses or individuals. The business’ reach currently goes to Fort Wayne.

“There’s always room for expansion and the surrounding areas like Marian, Warsaw,” Hetrick said. “Once Huntington has the word about us and once they understand who we are, then we’d like to get businesses from where we can.”

As of right now, Clear Insights is in the “development phase,” and Kalischuk and Hetrick are trying to make sure that the business will eventually become  a  seperate identity from the university where it can operate f rom its own funds, they said.

“We’ll always be connected to the university,” Kalischuk said. “We just hope it’ll continue growing.”

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