Miller first to become male floor

Miller 1st will once again become a male floor, making Miller an all-male hall.

Starting next year, the first floor of Miller Hall will be a men's floor instead of a women's floor. (Photo by Christian Herrera)
Starting next year, the first floor of Miller Hall will be a men’s floor instead of a women’s floor. (Photo by Christian Herrera)

Miller 1st, a residence floor for female students, will revert back to a male floor this fall. Miller Hall, a residence hall for upperclassmen, has traditionally been an all-male dorm, only switching to female occupancy for the 2014-2015 school year.
When asked about the change, Jesse Brown, assistant dean of student life, said there was a need for another male floor.
“We were too crowded for men on the men’s floors in the residence halls,” he said.
This year there were less than six open beds on campus for male students. In contrast, Baker 1st, a women’s floor, had an entire empty suite; a total of five rooms or 10 occupants. Brown was confident that the change would not negatively affect living space for female students.
“We had additional spaces for women that we felt could be absorbed by transitioning Miller 1st to men,” he said.
Unlike in past years, Miller hall will have a full complement of resident assistants. Previously, Miller/Meadows had five RA’s, despite there being six floors of students. This year, however, six RA’s will be hired, three male and three female, to fully staff Miller/Meadows. Before Spring break, RA positions for Miller/Meadows were announced, though students hired will not know their floor assignments until later in the school year.
Female students currently living on Miller 1st will have to seek housing elsewhere if they are not graduating. Junior Katy Seymour said she was not aware of the change.
“That’s really sad to me because I have loved it,” Seymour said.
Before finding out the news of the change, she had already made plans to move into the Forester Village apartments for her final year, so the redistribution will not affect her plans.
“I’m hoping to move off campus next year, so I don’t feel too terribly affected,” she said.
Other students who had plans to stay on Miller 1st for the upcoming school year will have to look elsewhere come room draw in April, while male students now have a new option for residency.

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