Exercise science class preparing for ‘Color Me FITT’

Exercise Science students to host festival aimed at enhancing students' knowledge of fitness.

The ‘Color Me FITT’ festival led by nine students under the supervision of Matthew Ruiz, ­Ph.D., will seek to enhance people’s knowledge of exercising.
“The plan right now is to have nine different stations with a different fitness emphasis,” said senior Ryan Lechlitner.
This consists of fitness trivia, games and other competitions. Once a station has been completed, the student will have color powder thrown on them to show they have completed the station. After a participant has finished all of the stations, their shirt will be plastered in many different colors similar to the effect of a “color run.”
There will be prizes including a new television, but are still being deliberated. The funding that is needed for the different prizes has been more difficult to acquire than expected, Lechlitner said.
The event will take place on the quad instead of the Merillat Complex, unlike in past years. Lechlitner believes this will encourage more students to participate because they will see the event on their way to class, making it more accessible.
“We believe that having the ‘color run powder’ will really get people excited,” said Lechlitner. “Our goal is to show that exercise can be fun and hopefully educate students about a lifestyle of fitness in a relevant and memorable way.”
The event will take place on Apr. 29, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the quad. There will be no charge to get in to this event.

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