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Katy Perry to perform at graduation

Katy Perry – or Hudson, if you're an old school kind of person. (Photo Googled and pasted in the article)

Katy Perry – or Hudson, if you’re an old school kind of person. (Photo Googled and pasted in the article)

NOTE: This article was for April Fools Day and was completely made up. 

In a shocking attempt to return to her roots, Katy Perry, famous pop star singer, will be performing a mini concert at graduation May 16. Perry, originally a Christian artist known as Katy Hudson, first visited the institution in 2001.

“I was impressed by the campus all those years ago so when Sherilyn called me up and asked if I would want to sing at convocation, I was flattered,” Perry said.

Perry will be performing a mixture of secular and Christian songs to meet the needs of the diverse number of families attending graduation.

“I am going to start with ‘Roar,’ followed by ‘Dark Horse,’ ‘I Kissed a Girl,’ and ‘California Gurls,'” she said. “Then we’ll lift up our hands to God and sing ‘Our God,’ ‘Oceans,’ and that one song from chapel about God being a Spartan warrior or something.”

Perry will reportedly ask Joyful Noise – or J-noise as they prefer to be called – to play with her at the ceremony.

“It is an honor to finally rock out with this pop queen,” Jack Parrson, J-noise leader, said. “We’re finally ready to move past the four-chord song that is pretty much every worship song and into more intricate melodies like ‘Teenage Dream.'”

Senior Stephanie Wildman said she has mixed feelings about Perry’s performance.

“I mean, she hasn’t really topped the quality of her debut album ‘Katy Hudson,'” she said. “It is kind of hard to worship the Lord with her newer albums. There’s some meaningful lyrics, but she’s fallen into that awkward ‘Is this God or a lover?’ lyrics that are plaguing Christian music today.”

Perry will have to abide by the university’s dress code and will most likely wear her cap and gown from high school since she never attended college.

“I hope the Foresters are ready to rock out,” Perry said. “Who knows? Maybe my 200 foot walking lion will make an appearance too!”

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