Students prepare for spring break service

Spring break mission trips allow students to serve in Haiti as well as serve in Philadelphia.

Two service trips will be leaving for spring break this year. One will be traveling overseas to serve in Haiti, while the other will be staying in the country to serve in Philadelphia.

The Haiti team consists of 17 students, as well as Danielle Shafer, resident director of Hardy Hall, and her husband Dustin.

Shafer wanted to lead a trip to Haiti last year after hearing guests speak in chapel on their experience.

“I was told that many faculty and staff are interested in leading the Haiti team,” she said. “Come fall of this year, Norrie Friesen approached me to see if I was still interested in leading. I was thrilled and feel grateful that the opportunity worked out.”

Trip leader Jeremy Miller said that this would be his first time being the sole leader of a mission trip, and this trip would be the first

time being the sole leader of a mission trip, and this trip would be the first mission trip for many of the team members.

For team member, Antonio Castillo, the trip will be his first international mission trip.

“My hope is that by the time we leave, the people of Haiti will know that they are deeply cared for, that they are loved, and that there will be more of us who will go back to keep investing in their lives,” Castillo said.

Miller said the team would be doing a variety of different projects, including children’s ministry and tree planting.

“One day we will spend planting fruit trees.” Miller said. “We will plant 19, one for each member of the team, and they will be trees that the people of the village will actually be able to harvest from later.”

Nicco Ravenna will be leading a team of students, along with resident director of Livingston Hall, Rebecca Smith.

“Philadelphia is a broken city, as is much of this world,” Ravenna said. “There is a lot of poverty and violence in the City of Brotherly Love. Though it’s not quite as exotic, it is definitely not a place that should be neglected.”

He is most looking forward to being challenged and “seeing the other members of the team be challenged by what we experience,” he said.

“Poverty is a difficult thing to encounter, especially within the borders of one’s own country,” said Ravenna.

Ravenna hopes that the team can grow together and learn with those that they will meet.

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