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COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Local business is looking to expand

Antiqology hopes to have 300,000 bottles of soda on stock at all times. Photo by Thommy Brown

Antiqology hopes to have 300,000 bottles of soda on stock at all times.
Photo by Thommy Brown

Antiqology owners Adam and Rebecca Hanson knew space would be a concern for their humble storefront at 401 N. Jefferson St., a hot spot Huntington residents have grown to know and love. What they didn’t anticipate was how popular their inventory of unique sodas would become.

In the last year, Antiqology expanded their soda line and inventory of antiques to the point where the second floor became an emergency space for the many pallets of soda they bring in. Once they reached their limit on the second floor, expansion became necessary.

The Hansons began seeking out possibilities in the downtown area, hoping to stay as close to the shop as possible for easy access, they said. However, plans shifted when Adam was contacted to check out antiques at a large property. The owner made him an offer on arrival for the 16,000-square-foot property, which Hanson said he had doubts about.

“It never crossed my mind that we would actually just go ahead and purchase the property simply because it’s a lot bigger than we need,” he said.

They continued to search, but with a growing inventory of sodas, carrying the cases upstairs became a hassle as semi-shipments blocked the entire intersection in front of the shop.

After some thoughtful consideration, the Hansons decided to take the offer on the property, which will serve as a secondary warehouse for inventory.
“We’re hoping by April or May to have about 300,000 bottles in stock at any given time,” Adam said.

He said they plan to free up the second floor as soon as possible. The extra space will provide oppurtunites for further development. Adam already has renovation ideas in the works.

“One week, it may be a showroom for antiques,” he said. “The next week, it may be set up to have live music. The next week it may be just additional seating. We want customers to have more space.”

The expansion will take place behind-the-scenes and will not interrupt activity in the downtown shop. Alongside the continued growth of Antiqology’s soda line, franchise oppurtunities and additional locations have potential in the future, the Hansons said.

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