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EDITORIAL: In defense of campus ministries

Most of us on the newspaper staff are seniors, so we know the typical complaints about chapels.

“The fines are too high.”

“These chapels don’t help me at all with my faith.”

“We shouldn’t be forced to attend chapel.”

While some of these complaints may be legitimate, others either miss the point or overlook relevant details. Is campus ministries really doing a bad job with chapels?


Now let’s face it, not all chapels are going to be spectacular life-changing events. In fact, not every chapel is going to be particularly “good” (though how we actually evaluate a chapel as good is a separate question entirely). However, there is diversity in chapels, and diversity is good. All-music chapels and different subjects all add to the variety of chapels.

Some have argued that campus ministries is unwilling to listen to students’ concerns. But let’s not ignore the fact that campus ministries has tried to get feedback from students through several surveys and special meetings. How many students actually replied and participated though? At least one editor here can say that he didn’t.

Finally, going to 30 chapels per semester is not some crazy secret no one knows about. Students knew about the chapel requirement when they first visited (hint – it’s still 30 total chapels per semester). Furthermore, you aren’t required to attend every chapel, nor are you required to attend chapel every week. Some people may be forced to attend certain ones because of their schedule and that may be inconvenient for them, but this is no different than any other scheduling issues between departments. Most people have to fit 30 chapels in their schedules just like everyone has to fit in certain core classes.  That’s just the reality of scheduling.

Chapels are a regular part of life at the university, and we need to learn to adapt to this requirement – even if some of us don’t like it.

The Huntingtonian editorial is written by the editorial staff. It reflects the viewpoint of the editors only and does not represent the viewpoint of Huntington University. The staff can be reached at huntingtonian@huntington.edu.


The 2014-2015 editorial staff
The 2014-2015 editorial staff

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