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Shane Claiborne to speak in chapel for Service Emphasis Week

Shane Claiborne (Photo provided)

Shane Claiborne (Photo provided)

Shane Claiborne, author and leading figure of the New Monasticism movement, will be speaking in an Ekklesia chapel at 9 p.m. Feb. 4 as part of the Friesen Center’s Service Emphasis Week.

Claiborne is also the founder of The Simple Way, a Philadelphia faith-based community. His books include “Jesus For President,” “Follow Me to Freedom,” and “The Irresistible Revolution.”

“I read Shane’s book Irresistible Revolution last year and thought it would be amazing to have him come and speak to the students at HU but never really thought it was an option,” junior Taylor Martin, Friesen Center coordinator, said. “It was not until I took charge of the Service Emphasis week that I thought maybe I could contact his ministry and look at the details and costs of bringing him to HU.”

Martin said Friesen Center has been working with campus ministries for months to have Claiborne speak in chapel.

“Students should be excited because Shane is a great example on what it looks like to follow God’s calling to love and serve others even at our age,” she said. “He has put into action things that are both amazing but also completely doable while he was in undergrad. I would say come to Ekk with open hearts and be ready to be inspired to go out into our own community and serve those around us.”

The event will only be open to university students, faculty and staff, Martin said.

“The reason it’s not open to the public on Wednesday is because we want to make sure there is room for HU faculty, staff and students, and we would not be able to guarantee space if we opened it to all the local churches plus the students from surrounding schools that might make the drive to hear him speak,” she said.

Claiborne has appeared on Fox News, Al Jazeera and CNN, among other news networks, and has given lectures at several other universities, including Harvard University, Princeton University and Notre Dame University, according to his website.

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