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Students welcome holiday season with Christmas party, study break


Students dressed up for the ugly sweater contest and enjoyed their time at the campus Christmas party. (Photo by Natasha Zeng)

The annual all campus Christmas party hosted by Student Senate, Student Activities Board, Multicultural Activities Board and Friesen Center was held at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 3.

“It gives students a break to have fun and gives students some Christmas spirits,” said Kiley Fogle, junior senator at large.

Events this year including an ugly Christmas Sweater contest, a ginger bread house making contest, a Christmas card station, and ornament decorating.
Senior Ashish Dhingra said he came for “food and decoration,” while senior Linly Lloyd and Natalie Spahr said they came for “communities and friends.”

“We love to come to the event because we love to color ornaments,” Lloyd said.

In addition, Student Activities Board (SAB) gave out prizes after the “Find Norms on campus” contest.

“SAB members hid Norms on campus and we would say on our Facebook page like, ‘Norm is registering for classes,’ and maybe we hid it in the register office,” said Bronwen Fetters, student director of SAB. “If students find it, they can bring it in and put it in the drawing.”

Junior Emily Puterbaugh won a $100 dollar award because of the contest.

“This is a popular event and a lot of people come to it,” said Amanda Amanda Henningfield, senior senator at large.

After the party, President Sherilyn Emberton, Ed.D., hosted a study break at her house. Hot chocolate, coffee and desserts were served, and students gathered around a massive bonfire in the president’s front yard.

Christmas break officially begins Dec. 11 after finals week.

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