Women’s bowling team ranks currently sixth in the nation, men’s team continues successful season

The bowling teams continue the success they have reached all season. Both men's and women's teams continue to play strong.

Ayla Yeiter prepares to bowl a frame. (Photo provided)

The women’s bowling team celebrated its latest success Nov. 2 at a tier I tournament in Marietta, Ga., where the team placed fifth amongst 17 of the top teams in the country.

In individual competition, three bowlers paced the Lady Foresters – junior Ayla Yeiter, sophomore Brooke Ewing and freshman Rachel Vogler.

Vogler was recently moved onto varsity despite never bowling on a women’s team prior to her collegiate career.

“I never actually was able to participate on a girl’s bowling team,” Vogler said. “Going from being the only girl on an all-guys team to an all-girls team has been a big adjustment. Here I am able to compete against other girls and bowl at my own level.”

The team has been performing at a very high level this season.

“This year I believe our team has been doing a wonderful job,” Vogler said.  “I believe the contributing factors to this are due to the rise in positive attitudes. Coming from my own experience, I know I bowl worse when I am negative toward myself and others. So, I do my best to stay positive not only for me, but for the whole team.”

Head coach Jim Bischoff is proud of the ladies’ performance as of late, he said.

“They are learning a lot about themselves and gaining confidence each week,” Bischoff said. “The ladies have really started to come together as a team and have become much more consistent on their first ball keeping it in play and their spare shooting.”

(Photo provided)
Jake Neely puts a spin on the ball as he prepares a release down the lane. (Photo provided)

The university’s men’s team also competed at the same tournament, placing 13th out of 22 teams.

“A major factor I think has been team chemistry,” said sophomore Colin Madden. “We are always working together to get better on the lanes, and we get along so well off the lanes as well. This is easily the most coherent team I have ever been a part of, in any sport I have been in.”

Madden joined the team this year with a passion for the sport and what the bowling program represents.

“My favorite part of bowling for Huntington is that I just don’t bowl for my teammates or even for my school, but I do it for Christ,” said Madden. “Being at Huntington has definitely given me an extra drive to know that no matter how well I do, that it’s all for Christ and to give all the glory to Him.”

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