Students ‘plunge’ into Windy City to serve with Friesen Center

The annual Urban Plunge mission trip was from Nov. 7-10, and was held in Chicago.

The skyline of Chicago (Photo provided)
The skyline of Chicago (Photo provided)

The annual Urban Plunge mission trip was from Nov. 7-10 and was held in Chicago. The team of 10 arrived in the Windy City at 7:30 p.m., and headed to Emmause Ministries, where they worked with men in prostitution.

Saturday morning the students went to Cornerstone, an organization that helps with the homeless in Chicago.

In the past, the team worked in the soup kitchen, but this year’s students worked in the clothing warehouse where they sorted clothes that have been donated, junior Taylor Martin said.

“We sorted clothing for about three hours, which is really long,” Martin said, “I was really proud of everyone because everyone did it without complaints, and everyone really enjoyed themselves.”

During downtime, the students shared testimonies, visited a coffee shop and went out to eat.

“It was great finding out more about these people,” Martin said. “Some of us have come from really tough backgrounds, and some of us came from what most people would consider not as tough backgrounds. But we realized everyone went through something they had to struggle with. … It was just beautiful.”

For freshman Paige Winans, this was her first time going on a mission trip by herself.

“I had a lot of fun on the trip and loved getting to know everyone,” she said.

Winans liked how affordable the trip was, and that the team was still able to do so much.

“I enjoyed everything about the trip,” she said, “But I think my favorite part was all the culture we viewed.”

Sunday morning the team attended church at Southeast Asian Friendship Center, a community outreach for the Indian population in Chicago.

“We got to go to service and meet the population that was there and talk to them, which was awesome,” Martin said. “Because it’s very different from a traditional Christian service, we got to sing songs in Hindi. It was just really really great to watch and see and to participate in.”

After the service the team drove around Chicago and arrived back on campus in the evening.

“We all bonded so much on this trip,” Martin said. “I think that was my favorite part was just how much we bonded as a group and how much we got along and how much I now want to have lunch with these people.”

The weekend trip added 11 hours to the Frieson Center’s volunteer goal of 25,000 hours of service.

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