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Kalischuk wins Think Tank with idea for ice skating rink on campus

Tyson Kalischuk (Photo provided)

Tyson Kalischuk (Photo provided)

Student Senate hosted the annual Think Tank event Nov. 12 in the Huntington Union Building. Junior Tyson Kalischuk, senate treasurer, won the competition with his proposal to install an ice skating rink on campus.

Kalischuk had been thinking about the possibility of ice skating on campus since before he came to the university.

“When I came as a prospect student, the first thing that always came to my mind when I saw Lake Sno-Tip was ‘Oh, can you go skating on there?’ and then as it comes down to it, you can’t really,” he said. “Then I kind of [thought] ‘Well how can we have a skating rink on campus?’ . . . With [the Snowdown] and the turn out, and how happy everyone was with skating, you know that’s where the idea came out ‘Well, we can have a skating rink on campus.’”

The Think Tank event allowed students to submit proposals for something that would improve the campus, and the winning proposal received $700 in order to help implement the idea.

The event was planned by junior Kiley Fogle, junior Jessica Miller, senior Amanda Henningfield, and sophomore Zach Prather.

The proposal for an ice skating rink beat out two other proposals – one for a foosball table and the other for pots, pans and other kitchen utensils for each of the residence buildings.

Fogle said that the number of submitted proposals were about the same as last year, and some of the proposals had to be cut.

“We cut out a few because the idea was either unrealistic or they needed a significant amount of money that senate wouldn’t have been able to provide if they won,” she said.

The rink will be put on the basketball court by the tennis courts, and it will be taken down in the spring when it is too warm to skate. Depending on the amount of money raised, the rink will either be 30 feet by 64 feet or 44 feet by 87 feet in size. The smaller size will cost $3,400, and the bigger size will cost $4,500.

Kalischuk said he hopes to have the money raised for the skating rink soon so that it can be purchased and set-up before finals week. He said President Sherilyn Emberton, Ed.D., has offered to donate $1,000 toward the idea.

“I hope students get really excited for it, and it’s going to be a good time,” he said. “There’s going to be a lot of learning for people how to skate. … Jterm should be fun this year, I think.”

Senior Brian Menzie won Think Tank last year and renovated the library 24-hour study room with the prize money.

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  1. Jason Boothman // November 17, 2014 at 3:05 pm // Reply

    I think this is an awesome idea!!!


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