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Senate launches ‘iCHUse My Tunes’ initiative for songs at university events

Senate now has a Spotify account for students to request songs for university events. (Logos provided)

Senate now has a Spotify account for students to request songs for university events. (Logos provided)

Student Senate recently launched the “iCHUse My Tunes” campaign for students to request specific songs for university events. Senate’s Student Life Committee came up with the idea to use a Spotify playlist for students to update themselves.

“Students wanted a more dynamic playlist, one that could be updated more frequently and easily,” Ron Coffey, Ph.D., vice president for student development and senate adviser, said. “Also, we wanted to increase accessibility to the songs.”

Lauren Frischman, senate secretary, said the current approved playlist is outdated and only has about 60 songs.

“Not a lot of people are even aware that we have an approved playlist,” she said. “So what’s the point?”

In order to recreate this playlist, SLC worked with Coffey to create a Spotify account with three specific playlists, two of which are public. The Suggestion playlist will be a collaborative playlist any Spotify users can follow and add personal suggestions to. The private Discussion playlist will include these suggestions and be reviewed by the Student Concerns Committee for approval or disapproval. The Approved playlist will be accessible to any Spotify user and includes songs from both the secular and Christian genres.

The SCC hopes to keep the Suggestion playlist “essentially empty at a lot of points” to prevent access to unapproved songs and be able to quickly approve others, Frischman said. Approval could take a month because SCC meets monthly. Students who don’t have Spotify can also email the Senate account or post suggestion to their Facebook or Twitter.

Approval is based on the songs lyrics and how they align with university beliefs, Coffey said.

“We lean heavily on the Lifestyle agreement when looking at themes or particular words and phrases,” said Coffey. “The dance policy states that lyrics to music used at all HU sponsored dances must be approved by the Student Concerns Committee.”

The Approved playlist currently includes “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline, “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey and “Hey Ya!” by Outkast, among several other songs.

Junior Lucas Lengacher, resident assistant on Baker 2nd, said the new playlist is a “great idea.”

“I’ve gone through the process where I’ve had to O.K. a playlist through the Student Concerns Committee, and it was awful,” he said.

He said the approved playlist will be beneficial to all students – specifically sports teams. Lengacher, also a varsity soccer player, said the songs played at their games were not great pre-game songs – both for fans and athletes.

“The songs we can play are really out of date and kind of [unmotivational],” he said. “Current songs would be nice.”

A list of some approved songs on Spotify. (Screenshot provided)

A list of some approved songs on Spotify. (Screenshot provided)

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