PREVIEW: Students to “cook it off” for title of Iron Chef

The annual Iron Chef competition will take place on Nov. 12.

Student Senate and Sodexo will collaborate to host an Iron Chef competition in the Habecker Dining Commons at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 12.

The competition pits four teams of students against one another for the bragging rights of best chefs on campus. Each group will be given a set of ingredients, which they will use to create a dish, Sam Thompson, student body vice president, said.

Each dish will be judged by a panel of three judges, including Dr. Ron Coffey.

Thompson said the judges will rate each team’s creations based on categories such as taste and presentation.

Prizes will be awarded to the victor. However, the prizes are not established yet, but Thompson said that they will be “similar to the George Foreman grill (prize) last year.”

Thompson said that the winning team will likely have the opportunity to compete later in the semester against head chef at the dining commons, David Ray.

Students who do not compete are encouraged to come watch their fellow students cook it off for the title of HU Iron Chef, Thompson said.

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