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REVIEW: Mighty Dawgs offers unique choices amidst typical hotdogs

Mighty Dawgs offers interesting but mediocre choices in hot dogs.

Mighty Dawgs is a specialty hot dog restaurant located at 102 Frontage Road. (Photo by Jaime Hillegonds)
Mighty Dawgs is a specialty hot dog restaurant. (Photo by Jaime Hillegonds)

It’s hard to miss the new hot dog “stand” in town located at 102 Frontage Road, mainly because the sign is higher than everything around it. Mighty Dawgs, according to their Facebook page, “is a specialty hot dog restaurant.” When you walk in the restaurant, you’re greeted by the sight of the long ordering counter in front of you, the menu paneled behind. The first time I saw the menu, I was pleasantly surprised at the mix of unique and classic hot dog choices offered. Options like “Mac and Cheese Dog,” “Pizza Dog” and “Taco Dog” stood out. There are 15 combo meal options as well as specialty hot dogs listed under “Mighty Dawgs” and more classic hotdogs — like chili cheese dogs — listed under “Hot Dawgs.” Chicken fingers, chicken sandwiches and cheese fries are also available for those less inclined to choose a hotdog.

For me, a meal does not get any better than hot dogs and pizza. So when I saw “Pizza Dog” listed as an option on the menu, I didn’t hesitate to make my purchase — because if pizza is good and hot dogs are good, they must be good together.

$5.87 later, I was sitting down with my combo meal after only a two or three minute wait.

It only took one touch for me to realize that the hot dog was extremely hot, so I tried the fries. They were lukewarm. But they had the perfect crunch. If the fries were hot, they would definitely be the best fries in Huntington. They were seasoned perfectly – not too salty, not too bland. In the future, chili cheese fries order might solve the heat problem.

By the time I was through with my fries, my hot dog was cool enough to eat. Now, this was definitely a hot dog you would buy at a high school basketball game. It’s 100 percent beef, but it looks and tastes like it’s from a grocery store. Likewise with the bun. The marinara sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese, however, put a new spin on a classic meal, making the meal almost worth the six bucks.

Seating is available inside, and a drive-thru is supposed to open soon.

Parking at the restaurant is scarce, so be aware if you plan on going during prime eating hours, specifically Friday and Saturday evenings. At 4 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon, however, finding a spot isn’t a problem.

If the specialty hot dogs seem interesting to you or if you really enjoy tasty french fries, then Mighty Dawgs is worth a visit. But if you’re planning on enjoying a hot dog with mustard and ketchup, save the money and grill one yourself.

Jaime Hillegonds is a senior English writing major. This review reflects the view of the writer only.


1 comment on “REVIEW: Mighty Dawgs offers unique choices amidst typical hotdogs

  1. Jason Boothman

    I recommend the HIllbillly Dog (my current favorite) or the Frito Dog!


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