New senate constitution coming next semester

The system will have dorm representation rather than class representation.

Student Senate has been working since last spring on drafting a new constitution. They originally wanted to have a new constitution and a new representative system ready by this semester.

Senior Sam Thompson, vice president, said the delay is due to the drastic changes being made.

“The process has taken so long because of the massive influence it will have on campus,” Thompson said.

One of those proposed changes is adding representatives from each dorm building, making senators more accessible to students, he said.

“Our rationale behind that idea is that we want students to be able to go to a student senator and express their concerns to that specific senator,” he said. “If we can make that more accessible to the student body then both parties will benefit.”

Thompson also said adding dorm representatives will also make students more aware of where to go to voice their concerns.

“We have found that a lot of students do not know who their representatives are, and that has been a failure on the Student Senate side,” Thompson said.

Students argued last year that the constitution was vague and that senate was not properly keeping records. Thompson said the new constitution will be a lot more specific.

“We want to make sure the ambiguities are addressed,” he said.

Freshman Paige Winans, senator-at-large, said she likes the plans for a new representative system.

“I think it’s a good idea,” she said. “There is some disproportionate representation. Buildings like Miller and Meadows don’t have as many representatives coming from them, so those concerns don’t get brought up as much.”

The new constitution will be emailed to students next spring so they can read over it and voice any concerns with the draft. Senate is hoping the new constitution will be put in effect for fall 2015.

“This constitution is something that will transcend this current senate class,” Thompson said. “We want future Huntington Foresters to reap the benefits of an organized and representative constitution.”

Senate is still putting together a constitution committee that will consist of volunteers from senate representatives.

“Our goal is to have a proper committee later this semester to help draft something that can be implemented for next year,” Thompson said.

Senate last changed their constitution in 1998.

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