Faith Forward Initiative 2022 sets goals for university’s future

Emberton begins planning initiative for 125th anniversary of the university.

The university administration has started arranging and establishing the institution’s new long-term plan for the future. The Faith Forward Initiative 2022 is built around the university’s current mission statement and future goals.

“We want to stay grounded in our missions, so everything that we do really is centered on Christ,” Ann McPherren, Ph.D., senior vice president of strategy, said. “As we thought about how to highlight that in a different way, we came upon the Faith Forward.”

The goals of the new long-range plan are to promote a personal and contagious faith in Jesus Christ, actively engage all students and move faith forward by intentionally focusing on Christ, scholarship and service, she said.

“The intersection of faith and discipline provides an inspired national and global innovative platform for future students, faculty and staff of Huntington University,” President Sherilyn Emberton, Ed.D, said.

The year 2022 is the 125th anniversary of the university’s founding in 1897.

“The planning process should conclude at the end of this school year to be implemented for the following years through 2022,” Emberton said.

Some of the considered strategies, also referred to as pillars, of the new long-range plan include – sustaining spiritual significance and a service emphasis, making the culture of academic excellence stronger, promoting strategic enrollment and program growth, making the student experience stronger, maximizing financial resources and developing effective collaborations with other organizations.

“You’re not just paying attention to what you’re doing this year,” McPherren said, “but you’re trying to think about how the institution should look, what we should be positioning ourselves for, and what we should hand off to the folks that follow in our footsteps.”

As the school year progresses, they will refine the plan, McPherren said.

The Faith Forward Initiative will then be presented to the board of trustees at their meeting in April when the long-range plan is more developed.

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