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EDITORIAL: Solving the parking issue

The 2014-2015 editorial staff

The 2014-2015 editorial staff

Finding a decent parking spot on campus is a hassle that any student with a car endures throughout the school year. Wright, Hardy and Livingston lots fill up rapidly, and Baker/Roush lot looks like it was designed by a toddler.

But there’s one parking lot that could free up several spots for upperclassmen – Miller/Meadows lot.

Yes, the lot does not exist. But look at the massive plot of land right across the street from Miller Hall and Meadows Hall. Right now, this grassy area is used for mud volleyball, which is occupied a few hours a year, and for powderpuff football. But if you ask any powder puff participant, they will tell you the bumpy field is a broken ankle waiting to happen.

Once you get past the first six weeks of first semester, the land sits completely unused. It is technically on campus, but students never use the open land.

The new parking lot would have a prime location right across from campus. Visitors can park there and take a quick walk to the center of campus, rather than having to trek all the way from O lot or scramble to find a parking spot on the street. Students can make a quick exit off campus by hopping on Himes Street rather than making an unnecessary campus loop.

By turning the grassy area into a black top parking lot, students could have at least 50 more parking spots, freeing up Wright/Hardy and Baker/Roush lots solely for those dorms’ residents. Miller/Meadows residents, most of whom are upperclassmen, will then have their own lot to park in – a worthy privilege for the seniors in those buildings, unless, of course, it’s laid out like Baker/Roush lot.

It’s a simple solution that would benefit hundreds of students and visitors.

Maybe there would be less powderpuff injuries too.

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3 Comments on EDITORIAL: Solving the parking issue

  1. I have literally been advocating this since my Sophomore year, it will never happen. We’re more likely to get another set of paddle boats!


  2. This would be a good idea. I proposed resurfacing Baker/Rousch when I was there, but I was told this was not feasible within the budget, unless another student fee was added on. If they do not make it a parking lot, HU should at least make it a more productive plot of land. As this editorial suggests, it is an unused wasteland right now, and is primed for repurposing.


  3. To be fair, HU did say that the land would be turned into a parking lot when they bought it from my parents….some 20+ years ago
    It obviously isnt…


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