Connections with China growing

Members of university traveled to China over the summer.

TEACH: A group of HU students went to China this summer. (photo provided)
EDUCATE: Students from taught in China this summer. (photo provided)

Professors, students, alumni and friends of the university worked over the summer in China to serve and build relationships in the country.

During the summer, the university invited thirteen professors and students from two different universities in China also came to campus for the first ever three-week Teaching English as a Foreign Language program.

The university was represented in Doumen, Zhongshan and Zhuhai.

“We were doing the fourth year of a five year contract of teacher training [in Doumen],” Luke Fetters, Ed.D., associate professor of minstiry and missons,  said.

University students led a two-week program followed by a one-week senior high camp in Doumen.

In Zhuhai, Fetters and six students taught a 10-day senior high English camp for high school sophomores.

One of the students that helped was junior Janiece Robbins.

“It was amazing,” Robbins said. “We got to be immersed in Chinese culture and create lasting relationships with the people there. It was great to be able to show the students that learning can be fun.”

Robbins said they really tried to help the students understand and become more comfortable with speaking English.

The university also had a contract to train 90 English teachers in a three-week program in Zhongstan.

Fetters said it’s exciting because it’s growing partnership with the China Hong Kong English School.

“It’s a new partnership that the university is trying to foster,” he said. “I’ve also been in contact with a school in Changsha in Hunan Province about potential camps, training and other partnerships for the future.”

The university has been keeping in contact with China and will send faculty to the nation throughout the school year.

“The university is creating quite a name for itself in southern China,” Robbins said. “We are highly respected and trusted because of the investment of time and people we have given to them and the quality of our investment.”

All of the money for the summer trip to China came from revenue that has been generated from the China programs as well as donations from outside sources.

Shoshannah Mckinney, international admissions counselor, will be going to China later this month to recruit and check on university members who currently reside in China. Del Doughty, Ph.D., Luke Fetters and President Sherilyn Emberton, Ed.D.,  plan to revisit China as well.

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