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This year's Oympiad shirts were designed by Mack Mayo. (Photo provided)

This year’s Oympiad shirts were designed by Mack Mayo. (Photo provided)

Student Activities Board will host Olympiad XXI Oct. 23 to Oct. 26. Many events from Olympiads of previous years will be returning this fall.

The opening ceremonies begin at 7 p.m. Oct. 23.

“I think one of the most highly anticipated Olympiad nights is always the pool sports night at the YMCA, and that includes synchronized swimming, which I would say, I mean I can’t speak for a whole campus, but I would say that it is one of the most fun and exciting Olympiad events,” Student Director Bronwen Fetters said. “We also have a lot of the same athletic games this year, like mat ball, five-on-five basketball, ping pong, volleyball, and a lot of those same things will be there.”

In keeping with tradition, the scoring system for the events and competitions will be kept private to continue tradition and ensure impartiality.

“We don’t share our scoring with people,” Fetters said. “I’ll say that the scoring hasn’t changed, but no one besides SAB members really know what the scoring of Olympiad looks like. It’s one thing we like to keep secret.”

Similar to past Olympiads, there are a multitude of sites that host the events. This year, SAB will be introducing some new and unique locations.

“There is going to be a new site this year and three completely new events at that site,” said Fetters. “Our plan is on Sunday night, which is closing ceremonies, to do some sort of boat event. We have the new paddle boats, so we’ve thought about maybe doing a paddle boat race. We also considered doing a canoe race or a rowboat race and finding boats somewhere in Huntington.”

The team colors this year are red, blue, white and black. The red team consists of Roush 3rd, Wright 3rd, Livingston 2nd and Hardy 2nd. The blue team consists of Roush 1st, Baker 2nd, Livingston 3rd and Miller/Meadows Hall while the white team has Wright 2nd, Forester Village, Baker 1st, Hardy 1st and Basement and commuters. The black team has Roush 2nd, Wright 1st, Hardy 3rd, Baker 3rd and Livingston 1st.

When planning Olympiad, Fetters said SAB attempts to incorporate everyone with events that cater to different interest groups. With this in mind, SAB is adding a new site that will incorporate more of an arts focus.

“We like Olympiad to kind of be holistic,” Fetters said. “It includes lots of people on campus. It gets some people out of their dorm that maybe haven’t participated in events.”

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