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Fall break mission trip canceled due to lack of interest

(Photo provided)

(Photo provided)

The Friesen Center annual fall break mission trip has been canceled due to a lack of participants. Two students signed up for the trip to Laurel, Ky. that was supposed to take place Oct. 10 to 14.

The trip cost $70 for the weekend.

“The trip was canceled because of a lack of interest,” junior Shana Christian, co-director, said. “Although this is disappointing, there will be another opportunity to serve short term in a few weeks with the urban plunge trip.”

The annual urban plunge trip will take place in Chicago over the weekend of Nov. 7.

The Friesen Center staff recently challenged the student body to serve 25,000 hours this year. Last year, the university faculty, students and staff served 12,819 total hours.

“As far as the challenge goes, every bit of service counts, so the trip would have definitely helped,” she said. “That being said, ongoing volunteering and one to three week mission trips have a bigger impact.”

Students are in the midst of raising funds for various mission trips to countries such as Paris, India and Belize among others. The trips will take place over Jterm and spring break.

1 Comment on Fall break mission trip canceled due to lack of interest

  1. Next year, just come to Fort Wayne. NeighborLink will help facilitate an experience with neighbors in need here locally. Better yet, just come up any time.


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