Women’s purity group starting this fall

Campus led group provides opportunities for women to discuss purity.


Amy Biegel, assistant professor of social work, is helping to set up the new purity group on campus this fall.
Amy Biegel, assistant professor of social work, is helping to set up the new purity group on campus this fall. (Photo by Natasha Zeng)

A female purity group will start at HU this fall, is student-led and emphasizes on the issue of purity as well as pornography.

“This is open to any undergraduate female students,” Amy Biegel, assistant professor of social work, said.

The idea, however, was originated a year ago, when Biegel was interviewed by one of her students about the use of pornography.

“I had several people come to me and share that it’s a current struggle of theirs,” she said. “So we decided right at the end of last school year, we wanted to provide some kind of support for the students.”

The group will involve everything from sexual purity in relationships to struggles with pornography. The value is to maintain sexual purity.

“This is a temptation for a huge chunk of our population of undergraduate students here at Huntington University,”Biegel said. “And to not admit it and to not deal with it is much more dangerous than admit it and get help.”

Though Biegel is helping start the group, it will be ran by two graduate students, Laura Jacobs and Amanda Bickel.

“We are really excited to get feedback from those interested on what support and topics of discussion would be helpful to them, as it regards purity,” Jacobs said.

The name of any female student will be kept confidential.

“We want to provide opportunities for those wanting support in this area to find it safely,” Jacobs said.

The group will start off with building trust and accountability among each other with discussions to live a sexually pure life as college students.

Ultimately, the expectation is to initiate awareness on campus and take action on certain issues.

The seats will remain open for new members for three weeks after the first meeting Sept. 22, and will then close to new members for the rest of the semester.

Time and location of group meetings will be given to students on an individual basis in order to protect confidentiality.

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