REVIEW: JJ Java has distinguishable coffee

CAFFEINE: Students wait in line to see what JJ Java has to offer. Photo by Jared Huhta
CAFFEINE: Students wait in line to see what JJ Java has to offer. (Photo by Jared Huhta)

JJ Java, the latest coffee shop addition to the Huntington community, is an extension of the family-owned Johnson Junction structure located at 2840 Guilford Street. The café features warm lighting and comfortable seating, making for the perfect, studious getaway, as well as a drive-thru, which serves as an efficient and convenient way to order coffee on-the-go.

Of course, beyond the many features of the café, the main attraction of this cozy spot is coffee. While Java provides an excellent variety of coffee to suit your fancy, their special is the Ethiopian Kochere, a regular order of mine. Their mocha and white chocolate frappes are the best in the land – even better than Four Cups, which used to be my favorite place for frappes before Java took the throne.

Now, if only Java accepted FLEX.

Aside from the beverages, their pastries deserve some attention as well. Every last pastry is among one of the most delectable things you will eat at any bakery in town. The lemon blueberry pastry is especially worth cheating on your diet for. Get one. It’s worth the guilt of betraying your thighs.

However, in all of its coffee bean glory, Java isn’t without fault.

There are times throughout the day that the service tends to be remarkably slow – even when the customers are few to none. Although the staff is exceptionally polite, it occasionally takes longer than it should to receive your order. It’s not the worst of issues, but it can be an inconvenience, particularly if you’re in a rush to get to class or work.

Furthermore, Java has often gotten my orders incorrect in the time frame in which I have been a customer. In a few instances, large parts of my order were missing. Although this is a common and understandable trait in newer cafes as the new employees learn how to prepare various beverages, it can still be frustrating. As they are becoming a little more seasoned, I recommend keeping an eye on your order (and always be polite when reminding them of a forgotten item).

If you have the chance during your free time, or would like an escape from university study grounds, don’t hesitate to try out JJ Java. Although Java has been established for only a few months, it has already distinguished itself as a force to be reckoned with. Go have a visit and see for yourself.

Leah Zink is a senior animation major. This review reflects the view of the writer only. 



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