(Illustration by Mack Mayo)
(Illustration by Mack Mayo)

The Miller/Meadows apartment is currently occupied but not by a resident director. David Alexander, Ph.D., and his wife Genevieve moved in as part of the new faculty-residence program.

Alexander proposed the program – in which a faculty member moves into a dorm on campus — to promote integration between students and faculty.

“I get an alumni magazine every month and they had a lengthy article about it,” he said. “It was just all the stuff in there was fantastic. All the information about it was super intriguing.”

Before getting the job, Jessica Hatcher, resident director of Miller/Meadows, was told she would be living in a dorm rather than the regular RD apartment.

“He [Jesse Brown] asked me if it was a deal breaker,” Hatcher said. “I said ‘no’ because I like being a resident director that much that I’m willing to accommodate so I can do a job that I want to do.”

The Alexanders didn’t know Hatcher was told she would live in a dorm during the hiring process.

“We kind of stepped back and said, ‘We don’t want this apartment if we are taking it from her,’” Genevieve said.

Hatcher was living in an apartment before coming to the university, so re-adjusting to dorm life has been an on-going process, she said.

“I’m really not put out about it,” she said. “I don’t have a lot of stuff. I don’t need a lot of space.”

The Alexanders are making plans to figure out a different living space for Hatcher in Meadow’s basement but are unsure when it will take place. The two buildings only have one apartment for the RD in Miller basement.

Hatcher said the Alexanders are going to be a wonderful resource, especially in Miller/Meadows.

“I think it’ll also be a good place for students to go if they want a mentor, to talk to somebody,” she said.

The Alexanders have plans to invite floors over for game nights, dinner and other themed events. If their door is open, students are always welcomed to come in, they said.

“The students might be uncomfortable at first – we may be uncomfortable at first,” he said. “But we’ll try to get over those things fairly quickly.”

The Alexanders said they are not the RDs and are not replacing Hatcher.

“We’ve met and hung out with Jessica, and she is a great RD,” Alexander said, “We have no desire to infringe upon her duties or her obligations.”