International students adjust to life on campus

(Photo provided)
(Photo provided)

59 students are braving the change of transitioning from their homes outside the United States to the university this year. Twenty-eight different countries are represented on campus.

To help students with this transition, there are appointed international mentors as well as an International Student Council (ISC). This is a group that supports international students on campus and allows them to connect with one another.

Shoshannah McKinney, the co-leader of ISC, said these students have much to contribute to campus.

“It is an exciting time for diversity at HU,” McKinney said.

Josh Berg, a freshman from Alberta, Canada, said he enjoys interacting with other students from foreign countries.

“There are so many walks of life here at this campus,” Berg said. “I’m enjoying getting to know people and their stories.”

Language is often a barrier in the transition to attending college in the states. Freshman Felix Liu, from the Zhejiang Province of China, was afraid of the language struggles he might face in America but believed in the benefits of an American education, he said.

“When I was in China, I wasn’t confident in myself,” Liu said. “In my American experience, I have gotten confident in everything. I don’t have to be afraid of things I’m going to face.”

Freshman Jun-oh Kim of Seoul, South Korea said he appreciates the spiritual learning environment at the university

“Most people are Christian faith minded here, and we can talk about Jesus Christ,” Kim said.

Freshman KyungChan Kim, from Seoul, South Korea, said God led him to the campus.

“[God] led me here for His purpose,” Kim said. “He wants me to focus on Him.”

Tashna Dixon, a freshman from Jamaica, enjoys the friendly atmosphere on campus.

“People here seem to be open and nice, which is odd,” Dixon reports. “Everyone is always smiling.”

Sophomore James Couchman, from England, credits his growth in faith to his time here at the university.

“I had no faith background before coming here,” Couchman said. “One of my biggest mentors was Professor John Noble, and he really helped me in my relationship with Christ.”

The university is striving to make more international connections, McKinney said. President Sherilyn Emberton, Ed.D., traveled to China last year to make connections with Chinese schools in hopes that their students would come to the university.

“Most of these [new developments] include programs overseas,” McKinney said. “But this summer we were actually able to host thirteen Chinese English professors and university students for a 3-week intensive teacher training.”

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