(Photo from foresterdigital.net)
(Photo from foresterdigital.net)

HTV News has been re branded under the new Forester Digital Network, which includes sports coverage and the new Forester Radio. With the name change, HTV, which began in 1994, now called FDN news, will also have a new studio and structure.

“We wanted to streamline everything and make everything unified since we all have the same goal,” senior Brianna Santiago, producer of FDN News, said. “I’m very excited about the name change. I like that we are all under the same network.”

Santiago has been a part of HTV since she was a sophomore and said that a lot of memories will remain with her.

“I’m very excited about the name change,” she said, “I wouldn’t necessarily say I like either of them more or less … I think FDN has a bright future.”

The DMA department had applied several changes to the original HTV News, including a new website and backpack journalism formula that came with the new broadcast-fusion media major established in 2013. The episodes aired weekly only on the university’s YouTube channel.

Lance Clark, Ph.D., said like anything else, it might take some time for students to get used to.

“It’ll take a good part of the semester to get the name out,” he said. “We really want to brand it … This is a huge but positive change.”

Students will see that FDN added new things to the network, such as sideline reporting, FDN news extra and a weekly sports show for the sports segment of the network.

“We’ll have a player of the week and do some interviews with different players and coaches,” Santiago said.

FDN will also live stream the home soccer and volleyball games on the university’s YouTube channel. The first live stream of the men’s soccer game was unable to occur “due to internet network issues,” according to the Huntington University Forester’s Facebook page. The match can now be viewed here.

In addition to the new updates to FDN, Clark said he is excited about the studio renovations that took place as well. The FDN studio will remain in the basement of the Merillat Centre of the Arts but will also be used for Forester Chats among other programs.

“There are multiple shows that’ll be able to be produced – not just one,” he said. “The set is more portable and lightweight.”

FDN got a lot of feedback at “HU Opportunities,” Santiago said. Close to 30 freshmen signed up to help out in the broadcasting-fusion media department.

“We have a lot of new faces, “ Santiago said, “not necessarily all freshmen, just a lot of new people. I’m excited about the new team.”

Adam Widener, executive producer, and adjunct professor for broadcast-fusion media, questioned the name change at first.

“After hearing the arguments, I’m 100 percent on board,” he said. “Think about it — where will the vast majority of our viewers watch us? Online. Not on TV. So why should we have TV in our name?”

Widener is also excited about this year’s team and said FDN will be telling stories in a way no one on campus is telling them.

“Students can expect to see stories they care about,” he said. “There’s an overarching question this year for FDN News — why should people care? We hope to answer that question while covering campus and community stories with high integrity and a passion for the truth.”

FDN will record their first show of the year Sept. 10.

View the FDN promo video and photos from the first HTV set in 1994 below.


Students prepare for the next HTV episode in 1994. (Photo provided by Lance Clark)
Angie Murphy anchors the HTV episode in the program’s first year of existence in 1994. (Photo provided by Lance Clark)
Students prepare to produce the HTV episode in 1994. (Photo courtesy of Lance Clark)
Students prepare to produce the HTV episode in 1994. (Photo courtesy of Lance Clark)