Kent Eilers, Ph.D., and Jeff Berggren carry a mini fridge into Hardy Hall for a new student. (Photo provided)
Kent Eilers, Ph.D., and Jeff Berggren carry a mini fridge into Hardy Hall for a new student. (Photo provided)

Another new year began Aug. 22 when new students officially moved in to campus.

Most freshmen moved in on that Friday and were greeted by their resident assistants and campus ministry coordinators on their floor. They were assisted by leaders around campus who helped them move in to their designated dorm and floor.

Freshman Jerra Householder said it was nice to have help moving in from the student leaders.

“They were very welcoming, and the RA came by right away and introduced herself to us,” she said.

New students could move in anytime between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Parents and students attended a special dedication service in the evening. Joyful Noise, the campus worship band, led worship and President Sherilyn Emberton, Ed.D., Mayor Brooks Fetters and Arthur Wilson, campus pastor, spoke.

Following the service, students said their final goodbyes to parents and loved ones before meeting with their alpha group and mentors.

The new students participated in the annual plunge where they helped the community with service projects.

Later on, the freshmen attended a picnic dinner at Emberton’s house.

Freshman Kelsey Mosley said the picnic showed her how much Emberton cares for the students.

“The fact that she had the picnic and that she had it at her house,” she said, “made us see that she really does care and tries to get to know them [students] on a deeper level.”

At 8 p.m., students went to the auditorium for “HU Opportunities” where they learned about different on-campus groups and clubs that they could get involved in.

The annual “Frosh Mosh” dance, organized by the student activities board, followed at 10 p.m.

Mosley was glad she attended the event.

“It was the sweatiest, nastiest, and most disgusting thing I’ve ever done,” she said, “and I don’t regret going.”

The weekend ended with the “Stance,” another SAB event.

Householder says the weekend was busy, but fun.

“I was ready for classes to get started,” she said. “But it was a great way to get to know people, and if you didn’t have that weekend to do that then people might’ve just sat in their dorms and not mingled.”